Jun 18, 2015

Bears, catastrophes and other everyday events

I was invited to exhibit alongside my friend and a talented painter Katarína Janečková Walshe. Our show opens tonight (June 18 at 7pm) at Nová galerie in Prague.

Please accept our cordial invitation to the exhibition.

Bears, catastrophes and other everyday events
Katarina Janečková Walshe and Svetlana Fialová

18. 6. – 25. 7. 2015
Balbínova 26, Prague 2

More info here and below http://www.novagalerie.cz/exhibition/bears/

Painter Katarína Janečková-Walshe comes from Bratislava. She is also a sportswoman - a world wakeboarding champion – and she lives alternately in New York and Texas. She graduated from the Josef Vydra School of Applied Arts in Bratislava and continued her studies at the Bratislava Academy of Fine Arts in prof. Ivan Csudaia’s studio.
Katarina’s painting style is fresh, distinctive and joyful and her paintings emanate happiness, playfulness, passion and eroticism. Her works are balancing on the brink of pornographic kitsch, they are instinct with eroticism and they let the viewer taste the “forbidden fruit”. Katarina is an inquisitive woman and artist; she provokes and has her own specific visual world with a personal iconography often on the brink of playing with pornographic sexual nudes of young girls interacting with distinctly anthropomorphized teddy bears. Katarina plays a lot – she plays with colours, composition, topics and even the spectators; she creates a world which is exciting to look into and be inspired by it.

Světlana Fialová comes from Košice, where she attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rudolf Sikora’s studio and later, she graduated from the Prague Academy of Fine Arts, Vladimír Skrepl’s studio. She currently lives and works in London and Košice alternately. Individual exhibitions of her works were held in Paris, Budapest and Vienna; she also won the Jerwood Drawing Prize (2013), which is the most prestigious award for drawing in Great Britain. Fialová almost exclusively works with ink on large formats. Her drawing is clear, clean and an almost obsessive desire to cover the white surface is characteristic for it – Svetlana tattoos a large sheet of white paper, she fills it with her own iconography, but does not hesitate to combine her characteristic personal symbols (e.g. the portrait of her boyfriend pulling chewing gum from his mouth) with symbols from the realm of Christian iconography (e.g. Dürer’s Horsemen of the Apocalypse). Fialová recycles and remixes the existing visual code and transforms it into a new one, which, in her opinion, gives accurate and updated answers to the meaning and state of the contemporary world.

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