Aug 9, 2017

Afterlife @ Nitra gallery

I curated an exhibition of my students' works at the Nitra gallery called 'Afterlife.'
The Afterlife project presents the current state and a selection of works by students of the Studio of Graphics and Experimental Arts at Department of Fine Arts and Intermedia at the Faculty of Arts at The Technical University of Košice. The studio is currently led by prof. Péter Rónai.
The title refers to the life “after” the artistic profession which awaits the students after they graduate. Nitra Gallery offered them the opportunity to leave the campus premises for a change and create or reinstall their artworks in a new context. The title of the Studio of Graphics and Experimental Arts carries a reference to traditional media, but the artworks created over the last years cannot be categorised as neither graphics nor drawing. They move freely between media, explore technical and formal options of 2D and 3D imagery, respond to current world trends and formulate a statement of their own generation influenced by sub- and pop-cultural impulses, cynicism and miscellaneousness of thinking.

Check out the photos from the opening and the exhibition views here