Oct 29, 2014

UFOs & RIVER FLOWS @ Zahorian&Co gallery Bratislava

I have a solo show at Zahorian&Co gallery in Bratislava opening on November 4 at 6 pm.

I look forward to seeing you there!

curator: Michal Stolárik
Vernissage: 4 November at 6PM
The exhibition runs until 28 November 2014

It is a pleasure for ZAHORIAN&co GALLERY to introduce simultaneously solo and dissertation exhibition of Svetlana Fialová – UFOs & River Flows. Exhibition is a result of her Ph.D. studies, while it primarily shows artworks made during her stay in London. In her work, Svetlana Fialová continually develops drawing as a medium, while she pushes its customary boundaries and confutes speculations about its exhaustibility. Fialová´s own life and stories from her surroundings come to the thematic foreground. Compositionally multilayered works which are full of specific iconography and immanent metaphors are shrouded in mystery with a strong psychological profile. In her latest works she is not fixed to depicts true images of reality but she is experimenting with visual errors and image distortions. Perspective „errors“ have been already known from history of fine arts but they are especially characteristic for the current visual culture. What a designer can do with a few „clicks“ in a graphic program, Fialová draws with Indian ink on a paper. She takes formal features of national and world history of fine arts and blends them with contemporary trends. This results into captivating visual expression with more or less difficult motifs and themes. Works of Svetlana Fialová act like a reminiscence of „ghosts“ of past or full moon dreams, which comes to life again and again and ag…


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