Jan 12, 2014

Časopis X / Magazine X

Časopis X / Magazine X is a magazine about contemporary drawing, the only one in Slovakia.
Two of my works are featured in the latest issue (in the form of a screenprint of a green alien and a red ofset of mushroom pickers) which is focused on themes like narrative and representation.

Magazine "X" opens a scientific discussion, It is a source of important information for theoretical and artistic community. Each issue focuses on a specific topic. The aim of the magazine is to focus the attention primarily on the Slovak art scene, while creating a constructive analogy with foreign authors to provide a picture of the current drawing in Slovakia in the context of the surrounding countries.
The symbol and the name of the magazine are two crossed lines, representing one of the most basic drawings at all. This pictogram has many connotations and forms of exploitation, represents a specific point in space, the correct answer, expresses goal, error or disagreement. That´s why we chose it for the brand of our new magazine.


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